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January 2021

Mountains and Valleys

Pastor Will Binkley looks at both the disciples reaction to the transfiguration of Jesus, and at the importance of always relying on prayer in carrying out the work of God. (Mark 9:2-29)

The Cost Of Discipleship: Sacrifice

Pastor Will Binkley returns to the “Astonished and Amazed” series through the book of Mark, looking at Mark 8:31-9:1, and discovering how sacrifice is a key part of the cost of following Jesus.

December 2020

2020: A Look Back, A Look Forward

This Sunday, three of our deacons (Barry Cunningham, Danny Brollier, and Brett Burchwell) share messages of God’s faithfulness in 2020, hope and encouragement for the year to come, and a time of prayer as we look to the future.

Advent: Love

Pastor Will teaches on the fourth Sunday of Advent, focusing on the theme of “Love”, looking at how love doesn’t define God, but that God defines love.

Advent: Joy

Pastor Will takes us through week 3 of Advent, focusing on the theme of “Joy”, and unpacking how Jesus brings an unshakeable and unending joy for the Christian.

Advent: Peace

Pastor Will Binkley continues in our Christmas series as we focus on the second Sunday of Advent looking at the peace brought to all of mankind through the birth of Jesus.

November 2020

Advent: Hope

Pastor Will Binkley begins a new sermon series for the 2020 Christmas season, “Advent”. This week, we focus on the hope brought to the world through Christ’s birth. (Romans 15:8-13)

The King Revealed!

Pastor Will preaches out of Mark 8:27-33, looking at Peter’s confession that Jesus is the Messiah, and at the idea that although Jesus is the Christ we need, He’s not always the Christ we want.

Kingdom Clarity

Pastor Will Binkley dives into Mark 7:31-8:26, looking at some of the miracles performed by Jesus, and reminding us that He has given us ample reason to trust in Him.

Kingdom Conflict

Pastor Will Binkley teaches out of Mark 7, looking at how Jesus viewed righteousness, and the opposition He faced from the religious leaders because of His views and teachings.