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June 2022

A People with a Purpose

A People on Purpose

What is the church?  It is God’s people called out of darkness to proclaim his excellencies throughout the world.  Who is the?  All those who have been born again by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  Luke makes this clear when he records Peter’s sermon at Pentecost.  Those who were added to their number that day were those and only those who heard, believed, and obeyed the gospel.

The Spirit Descended

50 days after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, his promise that the Spirit would come and fill his disciples, empowering them and their witness for the glory of the Lord was fulfilled.  This coming of the eternal Person of the Holy Spirit in power and with purpose is the event that Christians have celebrated since the foundation of the church as Pentecost.  Pastor Will shares from Acts 2:1-12 the Person, presence, power, and purpose of the Holy Spirit.

May 2022

The Promise and Purpose of Comfort

Paul praises the Lord as the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort.  The problem of sin means that suffering and affliction are a reality for everyone, even believers but the promise of God in the gospel is that he will comfort us in our afflictions.  Our afflictions have a purpose, namely that they bring the opportunity to be comforted and then be a source of God’s comfort to others.

The Lord Ascended

In celebrating Ascension Sunday, we are reminded that Jesus is not only risen from the grave, he is seated in power at the right hand of the Father. This encourages us to live our lives with boldness, confident in the unending love and perfect work of Jesus on our behalf and knowing that he has all authority in Heaven and on Earth.

The Witnesses – Thomas

Gad alone is omniscient.  Thus, as humans we ask questions, have doubts, and need answers.  We need not be afraid or ashamed to ask our questions and express our doubts because our God loves to meet our need.  It is the grace of Jesus that dispels our doubts and meets our greatest needs.

The Ten

April 2022

The Witnesses – John

John provides his eye witness account of the death of his friend and mentor with the desire to convince us to believe that Jesus is so much more!  He is the King who died to deliver us from darkness.

Mind the Gap – Lord’s Supper Sunday 4/3/22

As we live in the tension between the reality that we have been forgiven and the promise that we will be perfected, there is a gap between our private person and our public persona.  The gospel reminds us that despite this gap, Jesus is always enough to eradicate the difference.

March 2022

Trust Matters

The Lord concludes his 10 Words to his covenant people with a command aimed directly at our hearts.  His command that we not covet is a claim on our trust and our affection, it is his claim on our worship.  Trusting the Lord is the key to contentment and our ability to love the Lord and our neighbors in all circumstances.