December 2022

King of kings

In the same way that we do not like to be judged by imperfect individuals, we do not like to be ruled by them either. Nevertheless, Jesus Christ is the King of kings and Lord of lords who will one day come, defeat his enemies, and establish his perfect reign over all creation. On that […]

Faithful and True

Hard wired into each of us is a sense of what is right and wrong and, therefore, a desire to see the wicked punished and the righteous vindicated. But none of us like being judged because we know how notoriously unreliable human judgement is. We are inconsistent and unfair in our judgments which is why […]

Son of God

Our lives are full of waiting. In the waiting we are confronted with how little control we have over our lives and how dependent we are on others. Being dependent can easily induce anxiety because we know how notoriously unreliable we are as humans. But God is not like us. He always keeps his promises […]

November 2022

Prince of Peace

Losing power is more than a simple inconvenience.  Not only does it shut down systems essential to our survival, it plunges us into darkness.  Real darkness can reduce confident strides to hesitant shuffles and relegate clear decisions to uncertainties.  A light shining in the darkness brings clarity, confidence, and hope in the darkness.  Sin has […]

Immanuel – God with Us

Living in a world broken by sin means that we will all face the reality of fear.  Fear, whether rational or not, have the ability to paralyze us and regarding our spiritual lives prevent us from experiencing the freedom that Christ has accomplished for us in the gospel.  What we need is the reminder that […]