June 2020

A Model Of Prayer

In “A Model Of Prayer”, Pastor Will continues in the “A Praying Church” series looking at Luke 11:1-4 (The Lord’s Prayer), and how Jesus taught His disciples in the way they should pray.

A Definition Of Prayer

In the second installment of the “A Praying Church” series, Pastor Will looks at “A Definition Of Prayer”, taking a deeper look at what prayer truly is.

The Priority Of Prayer

Pastor Will begins a new series on prayer, “A Praying Church”. This week we look at how prayer for the Christian life is essential, how Jesus approached prayer, and common misconceptions about prayer.

May 2020

Confidence In Christ

The final installment in the “Signs Of Life” series through the book of 1 John, Pastor Will teaches on the confidence believers in Jesus Christ can have in the hope of their eternal salvation, and also in an abundant life now.

Signs Of Life: Righteousness

Pastor Will Binkley teaches out of the book of 1 John on one of the signs of life for a Christian: practicing righteousness.

Signs Of Life: Love

Pastor Will teaches about the second “sign of life” for a Christian: “Love”.

Signs Of Life: Truth

Pastor Will continues on in part 3 of the Signs Of Life series, looking at key passages in 1 John that remind us of the truth of Christ being both fully God and fully man, and the dangers of false prophets and skewed teaching.

Establishing A Baseline, Part 2: God Is Love

This week Pastor Will looks at 1 John 4:7-21, and explores what John meant with his statement that “God is love”.

April 2020

Establishing A Baseline: Part 1

Pastor Will continues with part 2 of his “Signs Of Life” sermon series through the book of 1 John. In this edition, Pastor Will digs into John’s statement, “God is light”, and how understanding what this means helps establish a baseline for us before examining our walk with the Lord.

Signs Of Life: Initial Exam

An introduction to the “Signs Of Life” sermon series through 1 John, Pastor Will discusses some of the themes we will be diving in to that are found in John’s letter.