January 2023

The Gospel of God’s Love

It is shocking how easy the very things we put into place to remind us of commitments we have made fade into the rhythms and routines of our lives. Verses written on notes, gospel tracts carried in wallets, and alarms to remind us to pray get passed over because of our familiarity with them. This […]

November 2022

As We’ve Been Loved…

The night before he was crucified, the Lord gave his disciples a “new” commandment, that they love one another.  In John 15:12-17, he escalates this expectation by commanding us to love as he has loved us.  In these verses we see that he has loved us sacrificially, intimately, and intentionally.  This is how we are […]

October 2022

Experiencing the Gospel

As we focus on the gospel today, we reflect on Paul’s reminder of the audience, the essence, and the experience of the gospel from 1 Corinthians 15:1-11.

September 2022

Gaining Christ, Losing the World

On this Gospel Focus Sunday, we hear a word from Paul encouraging us see Jesus as our ultimate prize and pattern our lives after his example, embracing suffering and death with the hope that in dying to ourselves and taking up our cross we will share in his resurrection and everlasting life.