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February 2022

Family Matters

Pastor Will continues in our study of the 10 Commandments, examining the fifth commandment which instructs us in the broader principle of honoring those in authority.  This can be hard for us when we know that those in authority are imperfect or even immoral.  Nevertheless, Christ has set the perfect example and empowers us by the grace of the gospel to give honor to whom honor is due and that starts in the home.

Baptist Men’s Day 2022

This Sunday, we have a special morning of testimonies given by men in our church. This morning’s testiomonies are from Connor Mahoney, Matt Cobb, and Ross Greer.

Sabbath Matters

Pastor Will picks up in our look at the Ten Commandments with God’s claim on our time. Sabbath is God’s means of resetting our focus on Him and His work in the world around us. It is not about when we rest, but in whom we rest.

January 2022

Will You Take The Name Of The Lord?

Danny Brollier takes us into the next segment of the Ten Commandments, teaching on the third commandment: do not take the name of the Lord in vain.

The Lord Is No Mere Idol

Guest speaker Joel Baker preaches on the second commandment, “You must not make for yourself an idol of any kind”, as we continue through Exodus 20 in our series, “The Big Ten: The Ten Commandments”.

The Lord Alone

This week, Pastor Will Binkley looks at the first commandment, “You shall have no other gods before me” in the new sermon series, “The Big Ten: The Ten Commandments”.

The Lord Of Love & Law

Pastor Will Binkley begins a new sermon series this week, “The Big Ten: The Ten Commandments” with a short overview over Exodus 20:1-21.

December 2021

Seeking God

Danny Brollier brings us a message of encouragement for the new year, taking us through several passages of Scripture reminding us that when we seek God with all of our heart, we will find Him.

Boasting Only In the Cross

Pastor Will Binkley closes out the “Galatians: Set Free. Live Free” series by reminding us of Paul’s example of “boasting only in the cross” of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sowing And Reaping

This Sunday, Pastor Will Binkley continues in the book of Galatians, looking at how we are prone to deception and need the truth of the gospel to set us free.