September 2022


As we live our lives, we can become easily overwhelmed by the evil around us. Just like the Israelites, we can feel like we are standing alone against the wickedness of the world. We need the reminder from Nahum that despite strength of our enemies within, without, and ahead there is no enemy of the […]


The book Micah is a collection of writings and oracles from the prophet spanning decades of his ministry confronting the people of Israel with their smug presumptions upon the mercy and kindness of the Lord.  Micah teaches us all that the Lord is not impressed with gracious displays of religious self-righteousness, but longs for transformed […]


The book of Jonah is a bold check against our sinful tendency to live under the Pharisaical proverb, “love your neighbor and hate your enemies.”  We like Jonah can be stingy with the message of salvation and God’s mercy, especially towards those who have hurt us.  The ministry of Jesus, however, stands in bold contrast […]

August 2022


Though the prophet Obadiah the Lord reminds us that no matter how dark or difficult things may get, God will always make things right.


Amos reminds both the ancient Israelites and us that God’s love is not a license to sin.  Our sinful tendency is to think otherwise.  The Lord, however, reminds us that he alone is sovereign; the Lord, the God of hosts. As such, the Lord, the God of hosts sees our sin, judges our sin, and […]


Pastor Will continues in a series through the Minor Prophets by looking at the book of Joel. Again, we hear of the Lord’s judgment and his grace for his people. We learn that the Day of the Lord is a double-edged sword and we must be on the right side of it.


Pastor Will begins a new series through the Minor Prophets with a look at one of the most scandalous books of the Old Testament. ┬áIn Hosea we learn that our sin is serious but so is God’s love.