March 2018

Strengthening Relationships, Part 4: Healing Hardships

This week, our Student Minister Joel Baker closes out the “Knotted: The Bible & Marriage” series with a sermon entitled “Healing Hardships”, looking at some of the struggles of deployed soldiers and their families, and how we as a church family can help minister to them.

Strengthening Relationships, Part 2: Sexual Unity

Text: 1 Corinthians 7:1-9   There has historically been a wall of silence around the subject of sex in church.  When we are not sending the message that sex is evil, bad, or dangerous, we ignore it and assume that it will just go away.  But God has created us as sexual beings to drive us […]

Strengthening Relationships, Part 1: Financial Faithfulness

Text: Luke 16:10-13   Every couple struggles over the subject of money.  Studies have shown that disagreements over finances are the #1 indicator of divorce.  Why is the subject of money so volatile?  How can we reconcile our competing views over money and bring glory to the Lord in our finances?  The Bible is clear, God […]

February 2018

Restoring Relationships: Outstanding & Overflowing

Text: John 2:1-11   Can we really believe all this hype about marriage and the Gospel?  What about the people who are not married?  What does this series have to do with us?  Jesus knew what it was like to sit at a wedding and wait in the anticipation for his own.  What we learn in […]

Rescuing Relationships: Stabilizers & Servants

Text: Ephesians 5:21-33   Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to rescue our relationships from the brokenness of sin.  When we surrender to the call of the Gospel, repent of our sin, and place our faith in Jesus Christ our relationship with the Lord is rescued and restored.  We are given a new […]

Broken Relationships: Compliments To Competitors

Text: Genesis 3   We can be discouraged by God’s blueprint for marriage because as simple as God’s blueprint might seem–leave, cleave, and unite–even our best efforts fall short.  This is because we live in a world broken by the Fall.  When Adam and even disobeyed the command of the Lord their relationships with God, one another, and […]

January 2018

Creating Relationships, Part 2: United and Unashamed

United & Unashamed   Text: Genesis 2:15-25   God has given us a blueprint for our marriages.  He designed marriage to be a covenant between a man and woman.  The conditions of this covenant are that we leave to create exclusivity, cleave to create security, and unite to create intimacy.  It is only in the context […]

Creating Relationships, Part 1: Reflecting the Image Of God

Text: Genesis 1:26-28, 2:15-25   God created us from a relationship for relationships that create.   Marriage is the most profound human relationship that we can have, but it is not the only human relationship.  As we lay a biblical foundation for marriage we must wrestle with the broader question, “Why do we need relationships at […]

Marriage Matters: The Gospel On Display

Text: Ephesians 5:31-32   Big Idea: Marriage matters.   There are a lot of objections that can be raised to spending time focusing on a subject as narrow as marriage.  Our culture views marriage as an outdated institution that limits personal freedom.  Inside the church, we risk alienating those who are single, widowed, divorced, etc.  But Scripture […]