January 2022

The Lord Is No Mere Idol

Guest speaker Joel Baker preaches on the second commandment, “You must not make for yourself an idol of any kind”, as we continue through Exodus 20 in our series, “The Big Ten: The Ten Commandments”.

May 2021

Christ Alone

Special guest speaker Joel Baker teaches out of Mark 14:32-52, expounding on how even through the loneliness and abandonment he experienced, Jesus still remained obedient to the Father in going to the cross.

March 2018

Strengthening Relationships, Part 4: Healing Hardships

This week, our Student Minister Joel Baker closes out the “Knotted: The Bible & Marriage” series with a sermon entitled “Healing Hardships”, looking at some of the struggles of deployed soldiers and their families, and how we as a church family can help minister to them.