June 2021

Death Defeated

In the final sermon in the “Astonished & Amazed” series through the book of Mark, Pastor Will Binkley takes us through the Mark 15, as we discover together that: 1)Jesus was really dead 2)Jesus was really raised 3)Jesus really invites you in 4)The resurrection is God’s loving invitation to life for the fearful and the […]

Forsaken For My Sake

Part 2 of the crucifixion account in the book of Mark, reminding us that we can have hope despite the darkness because the Son was forsaken by the Father, that we might be welcomed into his presence.

Mocked and Murdered

Pastor Will Binkley takes us through Mark 15:16-39, looking at the trial and crucifixion of Christ, focusing on how Jesus is the true king, the true temple, and the true Savior… He was slandered in our stead that we might become blameless before God.

May 2021

A King For A Criminal

In this sermon from the “Astonished & Amazed” series, Pastor Will Binkley takes us through the account of Jesus standing before Pilate, and at how Jesus suffered condemnation to secure our liberation. He is our hope despite injustice!

Two Trials

This Sunday, Pastor Will Binkley continues through our series in the book of Mark, taking us through the trial of Jesus and showing how Jesus’ record is flawless, our record is a fiasco and His record is our hope. When we are humiliated by our failures, we can trust in the record of the One […]

Christ Alone

Special guest speaker Joel Baker teaches out of Mark 14:32-52, expounding on how even through the loneliness and abandonment he experienced, Jesus still remained obedient to the Father in going to the cross.

A Final Meal with Friends

Pastor Will Binkley looks at Mark’s account of the Last Supper, and that since Jesus is the faithful friend of sinners, we can find joy and peace in His friendship.

April 2021

Waste Or Worship?

In this sermon, Pastor Will Binkley looks at Mark 14:1-11, and we find that when Jesus is worthless to us, He is an enemy to destroy and an obstacle to overcome, but when we see His great worth, His glory is our goal.

The End Of Things

Pastor Will Binkley teaches out of Mark 13, and reminds us that we are not to get distracted when we see end times prophecy coming to fruition, but are instead to be encouraged that God’s people will be rescued by God’s Savior in God’s timing.

March 2021

Passing The Test

Pastor Will Binkley takes us through Mark 12:13-44, looking at the ways pride pits us against the Lord, but how humility positions us for his pleasure.