April 2022

Mind the Gap – Lord’s Supper Sunday 4/3/22

As we live in the tension between the reality that we have been forgiven and the promise that we will be perfected, there is a gap between our private person and our public persona.  The gospel reminds us that despite this gap, Jesus is always enough to eradicate the difference.

November 2021

The Lord’s Supper 11-14-21

“The Lord’s Supper 11-14-21”.

October 2021

The Lord’s Supper (Oct. 3, 2021)

Will Binkley leads as we take Communion together. (Oct. 3, 2021)

July 2021


Josiah Baker brings us a timely message this 4th of July, “Independence”, and speaks to us about when independence is something to be sought after, and when dependence is a better goal.

May 2021

The Lord’s Supper 5-16-21

“The Lord’s Supper 5-16-21”.

April 2021

The Lord’s Supper

Pastor Will Binkley leads our congregation in the taking of the Lord’s Supper. (4-18-21)