July 2019

Bearing Spiritual Fruit

Bearing Spiritual Fruit: Mark 11:12-14

June 2019

Fishers Of Men

“Fishers Of Men” Luke 5:1-11

November 2018

Deacons Do What?!

Text: Acts 6:1-7   The best offense is a good defense.   The early church experienced tremendous success in the spreading of the gospel but they experienced their fair share of challenges as well.  In Acts 6 we meet the early church in conflict.  Two subgroups have developed within the church and they have come into […]

Bonds Of Brotherhood

Text: Acts 15:1-21   Believe, Belong, Behave.   What makes a family?  Is it blood?  Is it shared DNA? Or is it something far greater?  The modern church is struggling with this very question, “At what point does someone belong to us?”  This issue of belonging isn’t new to the church, however, but is a question that the […]

September 2018

What Are You Fishing For?

This week, Dr. Rick Stevens teaches out of Luke 5:1-11 on the importance of obedience and following Christ to become fishers of men.

July 2018

Glory To God Alone

Guest speaker Irvin Wasswa teaches out of Psalm 115:1-11, and reminds us that that we are to lay down our idols, and that all glory and worship belong to God alone.

April 2018

April Fools

Text: John 20:19-31   Happy Easter!  There are many in the world today who will look at Christians gathering to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and call us “April Fools.”  Does the Bible actually teach that Jesus Christ physically rose from the dead and is alive today?  If so, what evidence is there in Scripture […]