August 2021

ReFocus: Share

Pastor Will takes us through a recap of the Re:Focus series: how we started with God’s perfect design, mankind’s sin which led to brokeness, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ which leads to restoration.

Re:Focus: Response

In the final sermon in the “Re:Focus” series, Pastor Will Binkley teaches on how God rejoices over repentant sinners, and how the joy of heaven is only experienced from the posture of repentance.

Re:Focus: Restoration

In this sermon, Pastor Will Binkley teaches on how God will complete his plan of redemption for the good of all creation, removing sin and restoring his good design by the return of his glory.

July 2021

Re:Focus: Rescue

Pastor Will Binkley takes us through Hebrews 9, looking at how when we attempt to deal with sin by ourselves, we only perpetuate our problem. Instead, we must rest in Jesus as the source of our salvation, as the security of our salvation, and as the consummation of our salvation.

Re:Focus: Fall

This Sunday, pastor Will Binkley takes us through the Genesis 3 story of the fall of mankind, and the effects of sin that humanity has struggled with ever since that day.

Re:Focus: Creation

Pastor Will Binkley begins a new sermon series, “Re:Focus”, as our church body takes a hard look and begins examining ourselves. Are we the church Christ calls us to be? Is Christ our first love? Have we elevated good deeds and “works” over a true, loving relationship with God? We begin this series by starting […]