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April 2019

Psalm 31: A Real Trust

“Psalm 31 A Real Trust”.

March 2019

Pslm 69: A Real Tribulation

“Psalm 69 A Real Tribulation”.

Psalm 83: A Real Justice

“Psalm 83 A Real Justice”.

Psalm 23: A Real Shepherd

Text: Psalm 23
The Lord is always there to care for you!

Psalm 26: A Real Virtue

Text: Psalm 26

Psalm 51: A Real Confession

Text: Psalm 51
Confession is the key to cleansing.
From the very beginning sinners have been running from a holy God.  When the Lord stepped into the garden to fellowship with Adam and Eve, they ran and hid themselves from his presence, but God sees what we do not want anyone else to see.  After being confronted over the m

February 2019

Psalm 19: A Real Revelation

Text: Psalm 19

Psalm 30: A Real Testimony

Text: Psalm 30

Psalm 6: A Real Prayer

Text: Psalm 6

January 2019

Psalm 2: The Rightful Ruler

Text: Psalm 2