February 2019

Psalm 6: A Real Prayer

Text: Psalm 6   God’s perfect purpose is our purity.   The Bible clearly tells us that the Lord disciplines those whom he loves.  This can be easy for us to accept from a distance, when we are not under the heavy hand of God’s love, but David writes from the midst of the storm.  Psalm […]

January 2019

Psalm 2: The Rightful Ruler

Text: Psalm 2   Rebellion leads to destruction but repentance leads to refuge.   The power of the Psalms lies within their honesty.  They are honest about who we are as human beings, what we experience, and what we feel.  They are honest about who God is, what he is like, and what he intends.  In the […]

Psalm 1: The Rewarding Road

Text: Psalm 1   There is great reward in a relationship with the Lord.   The Psalms stand out from any other book of the Bible in one primary sense: they are the Spirit inspired words of men to God.  So, in a profound and unique way the Psalm connect the reader to the Lord in […]