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Sermon Audio

July 2019

Bearing Spiritual Fruit

Bearing Spiritual Fruit: Mark 11:12-14

Deficient Deliverers: The Antihero

Judges 6:1-32
Gideon: The Anti-Hero

June 2019

Deficient Deliverers, Part 2: The Dynamic Duo

Judges 4-5
“Deficient Deliverers-The Dynamic Duo”

Deficient Deliverers, Part 1: The Boy Scout, The Southpaw, and The Outsider

Judges 3:7-31
Deficient Deliverers: The Boy Scout, The Southpaw, and The Outsider

Introduction, Part 2: The Pattern

Descent Into Darkness
Introduction, Part 2

Introduction, Part 1: The Problem

Introduction, part 1: Descent Into Darkness: The Book Of Judges

Fishers Of Men

“Fishers Of Men”
Luke 5:1-11

May 2019

No Matter What

From the series, “Who’s Your One?”

Before Its Too Late

Luke 16:19-31

Bring Them To Jesus

“Bring Them To Jesus”.