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September 2022


The book of Jonah is a bold check against our sinful tendency to live under the Pharisaical proverb, “love your neighbor and hate your enemies.”  We like Jonah can be stingy with the message of salvation and God’s mercy, especially towards those who have hurt us.  The ministry of Jesus, however, stands in bold contrast to this pattern as he pursued his enemies in love, laying down his own life that we might be saved.  Hallelujah!  Salvation belongs to the Lord!

Gaining Christ, Losing the World

On this Gospel Focus Sunday, we hear a word from Paul encouraging us see Jesus as our ultimate prize and pattern our lives after his example, embracing suffering and death with the hope that in dying to ourselves and taking up our cross we will share in his resurrection and everlasting life.

August 2022


Though the prophet Obadiah the Lord reminds us that no matter how dark or difficult things may get, God will always make things right.


Amos reminds both the ancient Israelites and us that God’s love is not a license to sin.  Our sinful tendency is to think otherwise.  The Lord, however, reminds us that he alone is sovereign; the Lord, the God of hosts. As such, the Lord, the God of hosts sees our sin, judges our sin, and saves us from our sin.


Pastor Will continues in a series through the Minor Prophets by looking at the book of Joel. Again, we hear of the Lord’s judgment and his grace for his people. We learn that the Day of the Lord is a double-edged sword and we must be on the right side of it.


Pastor Will begins a new series through the Minor Prophets with a look at one of the most scandalous books of the Old Testament.  In Hosea we learn that our sin is serious but so is God’s love.

July 2022

A People with a Purpose pt. 3 – Lead Servants

Where there are people, there are problems.  Where there are more people, there are more problems.  This is true in the world and, unfortunately, it is also true in the church.  The apostles and the first church provide us with an excellent example of how a church functions to solve it’s problems and also a picture into the important ministry of deacons.

A People with a Purpose pt. 2 – Servant Leaders

“A People with a Purpose pt. 2 – Servant Leaders” from EKKLESIA by Will Binkley. Released: 2022. Track 4.

June 2022

A People with a Purpose

A People on Purpose

What is the church?  It is God’s people called out of darkness to proclaim his excellencies throughout the world.  Who is the?  All those who have been born again by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  Luke makes this clear when he records Peter’s sermon at Pentecost.  Those who were added to their number that day were those and only those who heard, believed, and obeyed the gospel.