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November 2020

Kingdom Conflict

Pastor Will Binkley teaches out of Mark 7, looking at how Jesus viewed righteousness, and the opposition He faced from the religious leaders because of His views and teachings.

October 2020

Kingdom Provision

Pastor Will Binkley dives into Mark

Kingdom Rejection

Danny Brollier teaches on Mark 6:1-29, looking at the rejection Jesus faced in his own hometown, and contemplates the idea of how Jesus is either the stone we build our foundation on, or the stone we stumble over.

Kingdom Power

Pastor Will Binkley unpacks Mark 4:35 – 5:43, taking a closer look at the Kingdom power and authority of Jesus.

Kingdom Insights

Pastor Will Binkley teaches from Mark 4:1-34, looking at how the Kingdom of God grows and expands, and how believers are to bear fruit for the Kingdom.

September 2020

Kingdom Community

Pastor Will Binkley continues in the “Astonished and Amazed” series, looking at the life of Jesus in the book of Mark.  This week’s text is Mark 3:7-35, learning what Jesus taught about a Kingdom centered community.

Kingdom Priorities

Pastor Will Binkley teaches on Mark

Kingdom Authority

Pastor Will Binkley takes us through Mark 1:16 – 2:12, looking at many of the miracles Jesus performed, and at the authority He had to not only heal sickness and disease, but also to forgive sin. (Mark 1:16 – 2:12)

The Good News

Pastor Will Binkley teaches on the “good news” that with the arrival of Jesus Christ, God’s Kingdom has come. Mark 1:14-15

August 2020

The Symbol Of The Cross

Alex Morris shares on what the cross of Christ symbolizes for the believer, and also for the world. (Matthew 16: 24-25)